Pediatric brain tumor research

The Pink Polka Dots guild and Intec held their first golf tournament in 2007 to honor the memory of 11-year-old Sydney Coxon, who courageously battled a brainstem glioma, and who had begun plans for a garage sale to raise funds for cancer research.

The Pink Polka Dots formed in 2006 and their first fundraiser was to realize Sydney's plans for the garage sale. The funds from that sale and all subsequent Pink Polka Dots events, including this golf tournament, directly support the pediatric brain tumor laboratory of Dr. Jim Olson, one of Sydney's doctors, and a groundbreaking researcher at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Children's Hospital Research Institute in Seattle.

Dr. Olson's lab is developing "tumor paint", which would help doctors identify and remove brain tumors more precisely than is currently possible. An added benefit of this research is that "tumor paint" has the potential as a noninvasive screening tool to help detect lung, skin, cervical and esophageal cancers. And it likely will help detect breast, prostate and testicular cancers at an early stage.

Read about Dr. Jim Olson's work:

Check out the Pink Polka Dots' blog at to find out all the ways they're raising money for Dr. Olson's lab. And read what Sierra, one of the founding members of the Pink Polka Dots, has to say about research funding, at Huffington Post TEEN.

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